Miniclicker was a project I created with a few other people that I recently recreated on my new layout


Click a cheez-it in the most popular miniclicker. Ran on the Miniclicker Engine


A pokemon miniclicker, and the only one not based on the miniclicker engine.

The Minigames

A lot of random minigames. This is a download link, while the others are links to directly play them. Requires Construct 2

Point Earner Scripter

Earn points by clicking a red button, in this miniclicker engine game.

Pie Clicker

Click a pie, in this Miniclicker engine game.

Download all the game files to play it offline! Requires Scratch for clickers and Construct 2 for minigames.

Credits: Saber Cory: Pokemaster; Ashraf Bacchoy: Minigames; Evan Voogd: Web Design, Idea, Pie Clicker; Matthew Merr: Cheezit-Clicker

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